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Supplier Quality

FN has a dedicated supplier quality management group within its quality assurance organization focused on developing, qualifying, and monitoring our supply base through proven systems and experienced personnel.

The partnership with our suppliers begins with sourcing selection. Several aspects of a potential supplier are considered, including, but not limited to, historical information, products, technical capabilities, audits, and surveys, as well as the supplier’s commitment to continuous improvement.

We work with our suppliers to ensure a clear understanding of part functionality, critical dimensions, and appropriate process control methodologies.

Supplier concept reviews of process flow, quality systems, traceability, and sub-supplier development early on in the supplier development phase – as well as the use of supplier development tools such as function-process-measurement (FPM) analysis, safe launch concepts, surveys, and audits – greatly increase the probability of a flawless launch. Our target is to identify all potential issues and prevent their occurrence.

Supplier qualification is realized through:

A strong quality program using surveys, on-site audits, and acceptable first article parts and supporting documentation

Strict adherence to the FN Supplier Quality Manual and applicable quality requirements (QRs)

Monitoring each supplier by a documented inspection methodology that allows progression from heavy inspection to part certification

A primary factor in FN’s outstanding reputation is the strength and flexibility of our approved supply base: Our suppliers are our partners and make a significant contribution to the quality of our products.

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