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Our Calling

From a lone U.S. soldier hidden on a hilltop somewhere behind enemy lines to the young mom in a suburban home who’s just put her children to bed to the officer heading out on a call in the dark of night, at FN America, we understand every mission is unique. But every mission shares one thing: What you carry inside is every bit as important as what you carry with you.

At FN, we stand passionately committed to the innovation, development and production of dependably exceptional firearms that stand in the crosshairs of technology and timelessness. With a long-standing heritage of excellence, we believe in providing our customers with products, training and support services that not only enhance their performance, but also ensure a higher level of personal safety.


Founding Fighters


With a decorated legacy of military expertise, FN Firearms have been trusted on the frontlines for generations. And today, we combine that battle-proven blueprint with innovative thinking and superior craftsmanship to create future-focused firearms that exceed all expectations.

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The Thin Blue Line


When performance in the heat of the moment is imperative, FN Firearms deliver. After all, there’s a very good reason why law enforcement organizations across the globe have come to put their trust in FN when their lives are on the line.

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Personal Protectors


You’re not just defending your home. You’re defending everything – and everyone – within it. Which is why FN firearms deliver a stunning blend of craftsmanship, quality and performance explicitly engineered to deliver the next evolution in personal protection.

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Our Craft

Some firearm manufacturers are perfectly fine having their product created by an army of robotic assembly lines.

We are not one of those manufacturers.

With uncompromising standards, unmatched quality and a relentless pursuit of perfection, every FN handgun (with the exception of the FN Five-seveN®) is manufactured at our state-of-the art production facility in Columbia, SC. There, a dedicated and talented team painstakingly transform steel and polymer into expertly crafted firearms that pass the test of time. That commitment to craftsmanship and performance is also why every single firearm that leaves our factory is hand-tested by more fired rounds than any other firearms company.

Innovative minds. Battle-tested blueprint. Groundbreaking engineering.

Carry The Future® From FN.


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