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The Future of Combat Is Now

Our all-new FN EVOLYS™ Ultralight Machine Gun blends the firing capabilities of a belt-fed machine gun with the ergonomics and balance of an assault rifle. This future-forward system has been built to accommodate multiple calibers.
5.56x45mm / 7.62x51mm / .264 / 6.5 Creedmoor
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Evolve the Possibilities of What
a Machine Gun Can Do


The FN EVOLYS™ boasts a true lightweight design that allows operators to move fast over rugged terrain while maintaining a high volume of fire. Combining innovative design with modern materials, this battle-tested firearm is the perfect balance between safety and reliability. You’ll feel the difference immediately.


Transitioning from one firing position to another while operating the FN EVOLYS™ is made easy with our custom sling attachment interface and ambidextrous fire selector. The addition of a single-piece, long top rail allows users to attach and combine a variety of optical sights freely, without removing the iron sights.


The FN EVOLYS™ features a gas-operated mechanism with a short-stroke piston that keeps firing residue from reaching your system’s moving parts. This innovation greatly reduces the risk of stoppages during intense firing, keeping the flow of the battle in your hands.

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FN® Enovations

Innovative, high-tech solutions that integrate latest generation electronics and software into small caliber firearms.

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FN Remote Weapon Stations

Our  deFNder® Remote Weapon Station provides remote firing capability day and night while keeping operators out of harm’s way.

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