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Gun Barrels

FN makes the finest gun barrels in the world. Why?


FN has more than 125 years of experience designing and manufacturing firearms, first through our parent company, FN, and in the U.S. since 1981. Throughout that period, FN America and FN Herstal have together designed and produced a number of the most iconic military firearms in the world, including the FN MAG®, adopted by the U.S. Army as the M240; the FN MINIMI®, adopted by the U.S. Army as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW); the FN M3M™, adopted by the U.S. Navy as the GAU-21; the FN SCAR®-L, adopted by U.S. Special Forces as the MK16; and the FN SCAR®-H, adopted by U.S. Special Forces as the MK17. FN-designed firearms are in use by military and law enforcement personnel in 90 countries around the world.

Today, FN produces a wide range of small arms for the U.S. military: M4/M4A1 carbines, M16 rifles, MK19 grenade machine guns, and M249 SAWs, as well as the MK46, MK48, M240, M240C, M240D, M240E1, M240H, M240B, and M240L machine guns.

In addition to manufacturing for the U.S. military, FN also builds some of the finest handguns on the commercial market, including the FNX™ series of hammer-driven pistols and the newest FNS™ line of striker-fired pistols. We also manufacture our own barrels in any caliber a customer needs.


The technology used by FN in its barrel production process is simply unmatched. We use the latest in high-tech equipment, the most efficient and effective processes, as well as high-quality materials – all of which ensure our gun barrels are the most precise and long-lasting money can buy.

Our record speaks for itself as one of the largest suppliers of small arms to the U.S. military, forces known to demand the most innovative, reliable products available.

Quality Through Processes

By using the most advanced automated manufacturing processes, FN barrels are certain to be of the highest quality at the most efficient cost. Our hammer-forged, chrome-plated barrel is legendary in the firearms industry for its precise accuracy and long life. Our button-broached barrel is of such high quality, a breaking-in period is not required, and it will shoot accurately right out of the box.

Quality Through Technology

The barrel shop at FN houses more than $10 million in state-of-the-art equipment, which produces top-quality barrels as efficiently and effectively as possible in the precision manufacturing industry.


We can take an idea from design to distribution quickly, and most orders can be filled within 90 days. Our average production is in excess of 21,500 barrels monthly.


We produce a complete range of pistol (including threaded barrels) and rifle barrels for commercial firearms, as well as rifled tubes for sniper weapons and machine gun barrels for military and law enforcement customers.

We can meet virtually any caliber requirement and can produce lengths ranging from 4.0” to 28” and a wide variety of profiles, from light to heavy. Finishes include manganese phosphate, stainless steel, and hard and soft chrome.


FN has a highly trained, committed engineering staff and a vast 125 years of corporate knowledge and experience. Our lengthy military legacy ensures a culture that recognizes the end user must have only the very best and most reliable firearm