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Metrology Capabilities

FN America has a dedicated team of measurement/calibration experts that makes certain all production measurement equipment is tuned and ready to measure the product accurately so that processes can be carefully monitored and controlled.

All gauges are tracked and managed through a calibration software system.

We use all methods of gauging — from shop-hardened functional gauges, to delicate laboratory-quality gauges — such as:

Vision systems
Surface finish analyzers
Contour units

Although variable gauging is heavily used to assure product conformance, we may also employ functional gauges to ensure that the parts are not only dimensionally correct but appropriate for its mating part(s) or function.

To ensure the highest accuracy, FN designs, fabricates, and qualifies most of its own production gauging. Our gauge engineering skills, coupled with our machining capabilities and expertise, allow us to design, fabricate, verify, and qualify a gauge before most companies could get a gauge concept approved.

Developing and improving our Lean tools such as 5S, VSM, Kaizen, Visual Management, TPM, Load Balancing — and our most important asset, our dedicated work force – allows us to be a leader in Quality, Cost, and Delivery.