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The FN® Training Program provides quality, comprehensive instruction on all FN® firearms and Less Lethal products.


Course dates for the remainder of 2018 will be posted to the website by request only.
Follow the steps below
– you may select multiple courses on the request form. 

Step 1:  Submit the Agency Training Course Request Online Form.

Step 2:  The FN Training Team will review the request.

Step 3:  The course date is finalized and the requester is notified.

Step 4:  Course date is posted to the website.

Step 5:  Prospective attendees complete the online registration.

Available Course Types

FN® Factory Certified Armorer Training New Equipment Training (NET) 
– Students are able to conduct the appropriate inspection, gauging and adjustment of FN® firearms and Less Lethal systems.

– Covers the removal, disassembly, repair and/or replacement of component parts

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Covers the following:

– Basic operator maintenance
– Firearm cleaning
– Static shooting techniques
– Common functionality drills

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Am I eligible to register for a FN course?

As a general rule, this program is not offered to civilian professionals. Courses are extended only to those who require specific training on FN weapons and systems as an essential part of successfully performing their position or duty. Qualified civilian professionals are eligible for some courses through special arrangements.

Eligible persons:

–  Active Duty Military Personnel
–  Law Enforcement Officers
–  Corrections Officers
–  Government Agents
–  Private Security Communities
–  FN distributors and FN dealer employees.

Training Locations

1.  FN® Systems and Training Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. [Primary]

2. FN® America Factory in Columbia, South Carolina [residents of Southeastern states only]

3. Offsite at an authorized agency facility.

Course Structure

All FN® Armorer courses are designed for a valuable learning experience. During training students have the opportunity for Q&A with FN® Instructors and open dialogue with students from various backgrounds. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course.

During each training course FN® Instructor(s) incorporate:

– Utilizing equipment: Table, Vises, Tools, instructor Monitors

– Hands-on learning with training firearms

– Instructional materials

– Practical exercises

Registration Details

– Course dates are offered at the primary FN® Training facility in Fredericksburg, VA.

– Prospective students from Southeastern states may request accommodations to train at

FN’s Columbia, SC location by submitting this form.

– Pre-registration is required.

– Walk-in attendees are not permitted.

– Payment is due 7 – 10 days before the class date.

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Discounted Courses Starting in 2018! 

Students save when they register for a combination of the FN® Armorer Courses listed below:

PICK ANY TWO, SAVE 20% ON ONE!  Total Value   You Pay   You Save 
   FN® M249   +   FN® MK 46    OR    FN® MK 48 $1,226 $1,000 $226


PICK ALL THREE, GET ONE FREE! Total Value You Pay You Save
 FN® M249   +   FN® MK 46   AND   FN® MK 48 $1,839 $1,226 $613

The Armorer Courses for the FN® M249 , FN® MK 46 , and the FN® MK 48 are offered separately at full price.

Host Agency Requests

Hosting a course at your facility is a convenient alternative when you have a large group of students that require certification, or if you are unable to travel to one of our training facilities for a regularly scheduled course.

Host agencies receive complimentary tuition for 2 students with every 10 paid registrants.

When expected attendance is above the class size maximums, the course is scheduled on multiple, consecutive days.

Host Agency Requirements:

• Appropriate range for type of training

• Minimum of 10 students

• Classroom that can accommodate 15-20 people

• Workable table

• Vise

• Projector and screen

Is your agency or department interested in hosting an FN® Armorer course?

⇒ Please complete the Agency Training Request Online Form.

All courses are conducted in English and all students should be able to understand and speak English adequately. Students not able to understand instructions in English may be asked to withdraw for safety considerations. Courses are offered in other languages by special arrangement.

We are unable to conduct training in the following states: New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and Louisiana.

Due to ITAR regulations, all attendees must be U.S. citizens. Contact the FN Training Team for more information.

Hotel accommodations, meals and transportation are the responsibility of the student.

Students are advised to wear clothing suitable for indoor and outdoor range use.

Please contact the FN Training Team at Training@fnamerica.com for more information on course registration.