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Ammunition designed for the FN 303® system of firearms.

Completely dedicated to reducing lethality, the basis of the FN 303® concept lies in its unique projectiles. These .68 caliber, 8.5 gram projectiles utilize a fin-stabilized polystyrene body and a non-toxic bismuth forward payload to provide more accuracy and greater effective range than other less lethal systems. The primary effect of the projectile is trauma, which directly neutralizes the aggressor. Secondary effects from the projectiles can be delivered via a chemical payload depending on mission requirements.



 Clear Impact

This projectile is intended for training, point-specific impact or suspect distraction.


Washable Paint

This projectile is intended for training and for marking suspects and objects with a washable colorant.


Indelible Paint

This projectile is intended for marking suspects and objects with an indelible colorant for later identification, arrest or questioning.

PAVA/OC Powder

This projectile is intended as an irritant for individual suspects, point-specific targets or small-area denial. The active ingredient is 0.5% PAVA/OC in a powder form for ease of storage, deployment and clean-up.


Inert Powder

This projectile is intended for training and contains a simulated irritant powder.

WARNING: Use with extreme caution. Not intended for recreational use. Misuse may result in injury or death. Avoid aiming at face or head. Read operator’s manual before use. Instruction required before use. All operators of the FN 303® Less Lethal Systems (to include the FN 303®-P) must be certified by the FN Training Team prior to deploying either less lethal system.

LE & Military pricing on request.

*Product follows USA specifications

*Military products available to US sales only


  • CALIBER: .68 caliber
  • PROJECTILE WEIGHT: 8.5 grams
  • PROJECTILE CONSTRUCTION: Fin-stabilized polystyrene body
  • FORWARD PAYLOAD: Non-toxic bismuth
  • REAR PAYLOAD: Color coded, varies by payload type
  • EFFECTIVE RANGE: 50 meters with FN 303® launcher
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 100 meters with FN 303® launcher


15 projectiles per plastic tube sealed in foil to help maintain a shelf life of 3 years

Tubes are speedloader compatible

Ten individually packaged tubes, 150 total projectiles per package