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FN® MK 46 Armorer Course



Course dates for the remainder of 2018 will be posted to the website by request only.
Follow the steps below
– you may select multiple courses on the request form. 

Step 1:  Submit the Agency Training Course Request Online Form.

Step 2:  The FN Training Team will review the request.

Step 3:  The course date is finalized and the requester is notified.

Step 4:  Course date is posted to the website.

Step 5:  Prospective attendees complete the online registration.


A student certified as a FN® MK 46 Armorer is able to:

— Explain and demonstrate the removal, disassembly, repair and/or replacement of component parts

— Conduct the appropriate inspection, gauging and adjustment of the FN® MK 46.

Course Details

Prerequisite: LE, MIL, and Distributors/Dealer Employees only

Primary Training Location: Fredericksburg, VA.

Certification: Valid as a FN® MK 46 Armorer for a period of three (3) years.

Duration: 8 hours | 1 day

FN Location Host Location
Price per student $613 Request Quote
Class size minimum 1 10
Class size maximum 10*
*Requests where the expected enrollment is above the class size maximum will require scheduling the course on consecutive days.

Special Discounted Course Bundles Offer for 2018!

The FN® MK 46 Armorer course is offered in combination with the M249 and/or the MK 48
at a discounted price (see tables below).

The Armorer Courses for the FN® M249 , FN® MK 46 , and the FN® MK 48 are offered separately at full price.

PICK ANY TWO, SAVE 20% ON ONE!  Total Value   You Pay   You Save 
FN® MK 46   +  FN® M249  OR   FN® MK 48 $1,839 $1,226 $613


BUY ALL 3, GET 1 FREE!  Total Value   You Pay   You Save 
FN® MK 46   +  FN® M249  AND   FN® MK 48 $1,839 $1,226 $613

Course Topics

— NET Content Review

— Performance of all Armorer related maintenance

— Inspection, documentation and replacement procedures

— Nomenclature

— Cycle of operation

— Care, cleaning and lubrication

— Field and detail stripping

— Troubleshooting

Certification Details

– The FN® MK 48 Armorer certification is valid for a three-year period.

– To recertify students must attend the FN Recertification Armorer FN® MK 48.

– Students receive a physical certificate with the FN seal and FN Instructor signature.

– Law Enforcement personnel may receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Required Materials

— FN provides training aids and armorer tools to students for classroom use only.

— Students must bring eye protection.

Course Materials Provided

Direct-download link of the manuals and reference materials are sent to the email address used during registration.Students may retain instructional coursework and reference materials. Individuals may register multiple students within a single registration order., but be sure to provide each student with the link.

— Links expire 7 days after the course date.

— Links are disabled after 3 download attempts.

— Contact the FN Training Program to renew download permissions.

For any questions regarding the FN Training Program please contact us at William.Buie@fnamerica.com.

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