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Available for military sales only.

The FN® M3P is a .50-caliber (12.7x99mm) single-barrel high rate-of-fire machine gun optimized for remote firing from aircraft, ground vehicles and naval craft and provides both offensive and defensive firepower ranging out to nearly 1,850 meters. When used in various applications, the FN® M3P is able to engage light armored vehicles and provide suppressive fire against both ground and aerial threats. Additionally, the FN® M3P is suitable for applications in remote weapon stations and is able to fire at all elevations up to 90 degrees from horizontal.
Features unique to the FN® M3P are the 28V electrical interfaces that allow remote firing and clearing of the weapon system, as well as allowing the operator to remotely place the weapon on safe. Depending on configuration, the FN® M3P can be mounted in pods or on FN’s deFNder® Medium.

Military pricing on request.

*Product follows USA specifications
*Military products available to U.S. sales only


  • CALIBER: .50
  • WEIGHT: 80.5 lb.
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 6,500m
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 66.1” (with short standard flash hider); 70.9” (with long standard flash hider)
  • TWIST RATE: 1:15” RH


Solid steel frame for durability

Dual buffer system provides twice the rate of fire as the M2 system

Recoil buffer system for increased accuracy with reduced wear and vibration


Hammer-forged steel

Useful barrel life of 10,000 rounds for simplified logistics and service requirements

Enhanced flash hider offers reduced firing signature to increase compatibility with current night vision equipment

Perforated barrel jacket for improved cooling and longer barrel life


The FN® M3P machine gun to be operated from aircraft and remote weapon stations

The FN® M3P is designed to be mounted in pods for fixed-wing aircraft and in fixed-forward firing mounts for helicopters