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Save on FN Pistols with ‘Spring into Savings’ Cash Rebate Program

Save on FN Pistols with ‘Spring into Savings’ Cash Rebate Program

Up to $150.00 Back on Qualifying FN Pistols This Spring

(McLean, VA – March 1, 2024) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce its newest consumer rebate offer, Spring into Savings, available March 1 through May 16, 2024. The program offers up to $150.00 cash back on 70 different models.

Program Details:

Effective March 1, 2024, through May 16, 2024, purchasers of new FN 509 and FNX-45 Tactical will be eligible to receive up to a $150 manufacturer’s rebate. Cash rebate value is based on eligible firearm purchased.

– Purchase any new FNX-45 Tactical pistol and claim your $150.00 rebate
– Purchase select new FN 509 Tactical or Edge Series model and claim your $125.00 rebate
– Purchase select new FN 509 Standard or MRD model and claim your $100.00 rebate

FN Expands the FN 509 Series with New Pistols, Accessories and Limited-Edition Models


(Mclean, VA – January 23, 2024) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce several new additions to the FN 509® series of pistols including brand-new models, limited-time colors and configurations, as well as accessories that give users next-level performance upgrades for their pistol, designed and made by the manufacturer. FN will highlight these new additions at the 2024 SHOT Show, the industry’s all-encompassing shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show.

“With 18 models across our consumer and law enforcement product lines, the FN 509 series is our flagship pistol line and the foundation where we showcase our industry-leading innovation in the pistol category,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales for FN America. “The continued evolution of our FN 509 series gives our consumers more choice and customization, backed by a brand with more than 130 years of proven manufacturing expertise and unique firearms know-how.”

FN 509 CC Edge XL

The FN Edge Series expands with the all-new FN 509 CC Edge™ XL. Demonstrating the modularity of the FN 509 platform, the FN 509 CC Edge XL combines the best of the FN 509 Edge series with the compact and compensated upper combined with the full-sized, 17-round frame, delivering the perfect combination for an everyday carry gun. Featuring the CC Edge slide with quick-detach compensator designed to reduce muzzle rise up to 25-percent and the 17 round full-sized LS Edge frame with improved texturing for secure grip, the FN 509 CC Edge XL delivers an extremely flat shooting experience. Shooters can expect significant recoil reduction that enables faster sight picture recovery especially when shooting with optics, improved speed to target, accuracy, and overall control of the pistol.

FN 509 Fullsize MRD

Complementing the FN 509 Series’ Compact and Midsize MRD models is the all-new FN 509 Fullsize MRD. The pistol features a 4.5-inch-long slide equipped with the company’s patented Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System for users who want a full-sized duty-style pistol for personal or home defense. The additional length of the slide provides a longer sight radius that improves accuracy while the added weight and length of the slide complements the full-sized frame, resulting in a pistol that is easy to shoot with control and offers reduced recoil.

FN 509 Compact MRD with Quick-Detach Compensator

With FN’s patented Low-Profile Optics Mounting System™ and proprietary auto-indexing compensator, the FN 509 Compact MRD with quick-detach compensator delivers full-sized performance in a compact package. The pistol is striker-fired with a compensated barrel featuring up to 25-percent reduction in muzzle rise, making it the most comfortable shooting sub-compact on the market. The compact comes standard with one 12- and one 15-round magazine. The optics mounting system accepts nearly all major optic footprints and features all-black co-witness iron sights. The ambidextrous controls aid in manipulation and the texturing on the two included backstraps provides better recoil management.

FN Compensator Kits

Upgrade your FN 509 Standard, Compact or Midsize performance quickly and simply with the drop-in FN Compensator Kit. First introduced on the FN 509 CC Edge, the compensator’s unique quick-detach (QD) design allows for toolless install and removal from the proprietary non-threaded QD barrel in a matter of minutes, no gunsmith or factory service required.

Designed to reduce muzzle rise up to 25 percent, the FN Compensator significantly decreases felt recoil and features v-style ports on either side that vector gases and flash out of the user’s field of view. The result is a shooting experience that is flatter and more controlled, allowing users to maintain a consistent sight picture from shot to shot.

FN 509 Limited-Edition Models

For a limited time, the FN 509® Tactical will receive special treatment in the form of a robust Cerakote® finish in either Midnight Bronze or Tungsten Gray.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Fields FN 509 MRD-LE Pistols Agencywide


(McLean, VA – December 12, 2023) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that Indian River County Sheriff’s Office (IRCSO) of Vero Beach, Florida, has selected the FN 509® MRD-LE 9mm striker-fired pistol as their new sidearm and have issued the pistols to their more than 370 sworn deputies. The order was fulfilled through FN Law Enforcement Distributor, Dana Safety.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Indian River County Sheriff’s Office as they field the FN 509 MRD-LE to their deputies,” said Doug Grier, Law Enforcement Business Development Director for FN America, LLC. “As they began their selection process, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office sought a new pistol that was safe and reliable for their officers to carry in the line of duty, along with a brand partner they could rely on. FN met those needs with our commitment to service and with a duty pistol designed for law enforcement, by law enforcement.”

“We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our deputies and providing them with durable equipment to keep our community safe. Our oath to public safety remains our top priority and these new firearms are a testament to that commitment,” said Sherriff Eric Flowers, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. “FN’s 509 MRD-LE has demonstrated to have improved accuracy and sighting versatility that coincides with the needs of our agency. We have already received our first shipment of pistols and have qualified all of our staff. Stay tuned for updates on this important transition.”

Developed for the demands of duty use and the professional user, the FN 509 MRD-LE is FN’s premier law enforcement pistol. Fully vetted through rigorous endurance testing to function with 9mm + P duty-style ammunition, the FN 509 MRD-LE delivers reliable, accurate and durable function throughout the service life of the pistol.

Topped with a 4-inch slide, that houses the FN-signature cold hammer-forged barrel, the FN 509 MRD-LE was designed for accuracy and features the company’s patented optics-mounting system that enables the direct mounting of several miniature red dot optics along with adjustable three-dot night sights.

The proven design features four passive safety systems, including a trigger safety incorporated into the flat-faced trigger. The contoured frame design delivers superior ergonomics and effective recoil management that accommodates nearly all hand sizes through the interchangeable backstraps while maintaining a natural point of aim enabling users to acquire their sights rapidly.

FN’s Season of Savings Rebate Program Has Begun

FN’s Season of Savings Has Begun

Save up to $200.00 on Qualifying FN Pistols Now Through the End of the Year

(McLean, VA – November 28, 2023) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the company’s Season of Savings holiday rebate program is available now through the end of the year. This holiday season save big on the company’s most popular models like the FN 509 Tactical, FN 509 CC Edge, SCAR 15P and more.

Program Details:

Effective November 17 through December 31, 2023, purchases of qualifying new FN 509, FN 502 Tactical, FN Five-seveN MRD or FN SCAR 15P pistols will be eligible to receive up to a $200 FN manufacturer’s rebate. Cash rebate value is based on eligible firearm purchased; exclusions apply.

– Purchase a new FN 502 Tactical pistol and receive $50.00 rebate
– Purchase any new FN 509 Standard or MRD model and receive up to $100.00 rebate
– Purchase any new FN 509 Tactical or Edge Series model and receive $125.00 rebate
– Purchase a new FN Five-seveN MRD model and receive $150.00 rebate
– Purchase a new FN SCAR 15P and receive $200.00 rebate

Click here to learn more. 

FN Expands FN 15 Accessory Line with Military Collector Upper and Lower Receivers


(McLean, VA – November 21, 2023) FN America, LLC announces the release of FN 15® Military Collector Series M4 and M16 complete upper receiver assemblies and stripped lower receivers. For AR-15 enthusiasts, these uppers and lowers offer the unique opportunity to build an authentic M4 or M16 replica with components that are made to FN’s and the U.S. military’s exacting specifications.

FN 15 Military Collector M4 and M16 Upper Receivers

The FN 15 Military Collector Series M4 and M16 upper receiver assemblies are authentic reproductions of the original and ready to drop onto a lower receiver for immediate use. Each assembly consists of a chrome-lined, button-broached barrel with 1:7 twist rate chambered in 5.56x45mm. Its MIL-SPEC bolt is machined from Carpenter 158 steel that has been high pressure proofed and magnetic particle inspected. Completing the assembly are a Knight’s Armament rail system with adapter covers, MIL-SPEC back-up sights, and vertical foregrip for an authentic reproduction.

FN 15 Military Collector Stripped Lower Receivers

Tailored after FN’s production of U.S. Military issued carbines, the replica stripped receivers are the heart of an authentic M4 or M16 build. Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, machined, and broached to precise MIL-SPEC standards before anodizing, each receiver includes the markings inspired by FN’s U.S. Military production M4 and M16 receivers. Although the fire control housing is modified to block select-fire operation, each semi-auto receiver is the closest reproduction to the original DoD contract carbines.

New FN 5.7x28mm Ammunition Available Now

New FN 5.7x28mm Ammunition Available Now

FN DFNS Personal Protection and FN GUNR Training Rounds Offer New Options to 5.7 Enthusiasts

(McLean, VA – November 16, 2023) FN America, LLC, the creator of the 5.7x28mm cartridge, is pleased to announce the release of two new options to customers who own 5.7-chambered firearms – FN DFNS™ for personal protection and FN GUNR™ for training and range use.

FN now offers a total of four 5.7 loads available to the U.S. consumer market with offerings ranging from training, sport shooting, small game hunting and personal defense.

“Since the NATO standardization of 5.7x28mm, there has been tremendous growth in the category and we recognized the need for reliable defensive ammunition and affordable ball ammunition for training, which is why we’re pleased to introduce the FN DFNS personal protection and FN GUNR training loads,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales for FN America, LLC. “FN has spent many years perfecting the design and manufacturing process for 5.7x28mm ammunition to ensure that no matter which FN 5.7 cartridge you load, it will function reliably and deliver the superior accuracy that 5.7 is known for. Our customers and 5.7 enthusiasts alike can depend on FN DFNS and GUNR to deliver equally against that promise.”

FN DFNS™ (SS200)

FN DFNS™ (SS200) is the first 5.7x28mm ammunition perfected for personal protection and delivers safe, reliable performance. FN DFNS is capable of achieving an average of approximately 2,067 feet-per-second while delivering approximately 286 foot-pounds of energy from the muzzle. The unique 30-grain jacketed hollow point bullet contains a copper-tin powdered core designed to expend energy quickly and efficiently while cycling reliably. DFNS has been certified by independent testing to meet the FBI’s ammunition testing protocol to ensure that this high-performance round delivers accuracy and consistent expansion.


The all-new FN GUNR (SS201) 5.7x28mm training round puts new training targets in reach for 5.7 owners. The 40-grain full metal jacketed cartridge features a high-quality brass construction with boxer primer and is designed to achieve an average of 1870 feet-per-second. The FN GUNR delivers extremely low felt recoil, improved accuracy at extended ranges and reliable feeding across all 5.7-chambered firearms and is considered comparable in performance to FN’s other sporting loads.


FN 5.7x28mm ammunition is now available in 50-round individual boxes or 500-round bulk pack cases and new retail packaging for FN’s legacy rounds will be introduced in the coming year.

More than 30 Years of FN 5.7x28mm

For the last three decades, FN has perfected the design and manufacturing of 5.7x28mm ammunition. Only the highest quality brass, projectiles and primers are used along with proprietary coating techniques applied during the loading process. Adherence to these requirements ensures that each cartridge performs reliably and safely under the extreme pressures generated by the round.

The development of the 5.7x28mm cartridge and FN P90® began in the late 1980s in anticipation of a potential NATO PDW contract that would eventually be called Project 90. By the 1990s, FN was well underway with sales of its P90, already in service internationally. The FN Five-seveN® was developed in the mid to late 1990s and would see service worldwide later that decade with the original FN Five-seveN DAO along with its CIP-standardized ammunition. It, along with its PS90 carbine counterpart, were introduced to the U.S. commercial market in the mid-2000s. NATO standardized the caliber in 2021 and since, the category has continued to flourish with the introduction of the FN Five-seveN MRD optics-ready model in 2022.

FN Breaks Ground at Future Site of Second Production Facility

FN Breaks Ground at Future Site of Second Production Facility

The $33-Million, 100,000-Square-Foot Facility will Create 176 New Jobs in Pickens County

(McLean, VA – October 19, 2023) Framed by a backdrop of the Blue Ridge mountains, FN America, LLC broke ground on what will be the site of the company’s second production facility in South Carolina. This second facility, built upon FN’s solid foundation and history within the state, will be located within the Pickens County Commerce Park in Liberty, South Carolina.

Mark Cherpes, President and CEO of FN America, commemorated the event alongside Julien Compère, Chief Executive Officer of the Herstal Group and FN Herstal, Gov. Henry McMaster, Chairman Chris Bowers of the Pickens County Council and Ray Farley of Alliance Pickens Economic Development. In attendance were colleagues, future neighbors of the new FN facility and members of the Pickens community.

“This was a historic day for FN. More than 40 years ago, FN opened operations in Columbia to fulfill a government contract for the U.S. Army. Since that day, FN’s business has grown tremendously, and we have forged unbreakable bonds within the state of South Carolina,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America, LLC. “Pickens County is a great ally to the manufacturing community and one we have had ties to for many years through our ongoing partnership with their Career and Technology Center’s Machine Tool students. That partnership has helped to develop our future workforce in the community and will be of great importance as we embark upon this expansion to better meet the needs of our customers.”

In attendance at the groundbreaking were several of the students and instructors from the Pickens County Career and Technology Center. For many years, FN America has worked closely with the school through a work-based learning partnership that engages the school’s highly skilled machine and tool students to give them real-world experience as they pursue a career path in manufacturing.

“Our connection to FN goes back many years with the work-based learning partnership established with the students of our Career and Technology Center. This partnership is representative of one of the many ways in which Pickens County invests to develop tomorrow’s workforce through today’s students, and positions itself as a partner to the manufacturing sector,” said Ray Farley, Executive Director for Alliance Pickens economic development. “We are delighted to welcome FN as a permanent fixture in our community with this future facility.”

The company will invest $33 million to construct the future 100,000-square-foot facility over two phases beginning in April 2024 and will create 176 new jobs for the Pickens community. With state-of-the-art equipment and construction, FN’s second facility will expand the company’s manufacturing footprint and allow it to meet the demand of its military, law enforcement and consumer markets.

The company was originally established in the United States in 1979 and opened its doors in 1981 to produce the M240 medium machine gun, a variant of the FN MAG-58, under contract to the U.S. Army. For more than 40 years, the company’s primary production facility has been located in Richland County, South Carolina and has produced more than 1 million small arms under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Today, FN America employs more than 600 individuals to produce firearms, accessories and other adjacent products for the U.S. military, law enforcement agencies as well as consumers. The company has produced the M4A1, M16A4, M249 light machine gun, M240 medium machine gun and FN SCAR under contract for the U.S. military as well as it’s FN 509 striker-fired pistol line used by U.S. law enforcement agencies like the Los Angeles Police Department.

Click here to learn more about FN’s Pickens County Expansion Project.

FN Releases Limited Production of SCAR 17s DMR in 6.5 Creedmoor

FN Releases Limited Production of SCAR 17s DMR in 6.5 Creedmoor

(September 12, 2023 – McLean, VA) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of a limited production of the FN SCAR® 17S Designated Marksman Rifle, or DMR, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The mid-range designated marksman configuration brings the 6.5CM caliber to the SCAR 17S platform for the first time and delivers an impressive, multi-purpose rifle enhanced to take advantage of the inherent accuracy and multi-role capability of the SCAR platform. The SCAR 17S in the DMR configuration features premium upgrades, including the precision buttstock assembly and Geissele 2-stage trigger that SCAR 20S owners rely on for surgical accuracy.

“The SCAR is the most tested rifle platform that FN has ever developed. It was designed to be lightweight, rugged, accurate and modular to give the user a rifle platform that could be configured to their needs,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales for FN America, LLC. “This new and limited-time build demonstrates the modularity of the SCAR design by combining features of the SCAR 17S heavy carbine and the SCAR 20S precision rifle to create a one-of-a-kind, mid-range designated marksman rifle.”

The FN SCAR 17S DMR 6.5CM is upgraded from the standard carbine configuration with the addition of the SSR Rear Stock and Geissele SuperSCAR two-stage trigger. These upgrades, combined with match-grade ammunition and optics, enable greater precision for long range target engagements. The 16.25-inch 6.5 Creedmoor barrel is cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined for extreme durability and enduring accuracy, and features a 1:8-in twist, standard carbine profile and muzzle device. With a lighter weight barrel, the DMR handles swiftly and transitions to targets quickly, just like the SCAR 17S heavy carbine chambered in 7.62×51 NATO.

The monolithic aluminum receiver features MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails to mount optics and accessories, as well as the SCAR-signature flip-up front and rear adjustable iron sights. The receiver is equipped with dual, non-reciprocating charging handles located on both sides of the rifle that are user-configurable for position and remain locked forward during fire.

– Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
– Capacity: 10- or 20-rds; Ships with (1) 10-round SCAR-H Magazine
– Weight: 9.5 pounds
– Length: 36.8-38.6 inches
– Barrel: 16.25 inches; Cold Hammer-forged, Chrome-lined; 1:8 twist
– Operation: Short Stroke Gas Piston; Non-reciprocating Charging Handles
– Finish: Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
– Sights: MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail; Flip-up Iron Sights

The legendary FN SCAR series takes root in its battle-proven lineage, adapted from USSOCOM’s newest battle rifle since the M4 entered service in the 1990’s. The benchmark of reliability and versatility with its four variants, the FN SCAR 15P, SCAR 16S, SCAR 17S and SCAR 20S are capable of consistent accuracy from their cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrels and one-piece forged aluminum receiver, low-flash gas regulator and fast-handling characteristics uncommon in similar rifle platforms.

Quiet Down with FN’s New Rimfire Suppressor – The Catch 22 Ti

Quiet Down with FN’s New Rimfire Suppressor – The Catch 22 Ti

(September 7, 2023 – McLean, VA) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the FN Catch 22™Ti, the company’s first rimfire suppressor and second installment in its suppressor lineup following the FN Rush™ 9Ti released in 2022. The rimfire Catch 22 Ti is a lightweight, durable and quiet suppressor that has been optimized for versatility, spinning up to all suppressor-ready rimfires like the FN 502 Tactical. Designed for unmatched reliability, the Catch 22 Ti turns a normal day on range into an incredibly quiet blast.

“With the successful release of the 9mm Rush 9Ti last year, tackling the rimfire category is the next logical step as we expand our suppressor lineup and develop accessories that enhance our suppressor-ready firearms,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “The FN Catch 22 Ti is an extremely small and tough rimfire suppressor with very effective sound reduction and impressive reliability given the wide variety of .22 ammunition. While it delivers all these benefits to shooters in a compact and lightweight package, it’s also a blast when paired with an FN 502 Tactical.”

Reliability, especially when paired with the FN 502 Tactical, was a key performance metric in the development of the suppressor given the wide variability that is common with .22 ammunition. The Catch 22 Ti was subjected to an extremely rigorous endurance testing paired with the FN 502 Tactical and other .22-caliber firearms along with a variety of common rimfire ammunition loads to ensure functional reliability and platform adaptability would rise above the current products in market.

“During testing, FN ran the FN 502 Tactical suppressed with the FN Catch 22Ti to very high round counts, stopping only to perform routine cleaning and lubrication along the way,” said John Ryan, Director of Product Management for FN America, LLC. “The combination ran flawlessly from start to finish with zero malfunctions, which speaks volumes about the robust design of the Catch 22.”

Considering the effects of environmental elements and ammunition velocity, the pairing of the FN 502 Tactical with the Catch 22 Ti produces a significantly reduced sound signature that dramatically improves the shooting experience and is especially notable when paired with supersonic ammunition. The usual crack that is heard during unsuppressed fire is all but eliminated and the loudest sound that can be heard is the impact on steel.

“While we don’t publish decibel reduction ratings for our suppressors due to the variability in sound capture methods, meters and ammunition types, multiple sound tests prove the FN Catch 22 Ti is extremely effective in reducing the report of .22LR and other rimfire loads,” said Rich Spalla, Suppressors Product Manager for FN America, LLC. “When we compare Catch 22 Ti head-to-head with all other rimfire suppressors, sound reduction performance puts the newest FN suppressor at the top of its class, suppressing the signature high-pitched crack.”

Weighing in at just approximately 5 ounces and 5.25-inches in length, the titanium-hybrid construction of the Catch 22 Ti provides the perfect balance to the FN 502 Tactical. Similar to the Rush 9Ti, the Catch 22 Ti features a titanium tube with a robust Cerkote™ coating rated for high temperatures. The baffle stack is comprised of a stainless-steel blast baffle tempered for heat resistance and an aircraft-grade aluminum baffle stack for the ultimate strength to weight ratio. The included tool enables quick removal of the end cap and baffle stack, making cleaning and maintenance fast and simple.

“Serviceability is critical with rimfire suppressors and .22 rimfire ammunition is notorious for producing a lot of fouling and build-up. We wanted to ensure that owners could easily disassemble their Catch 22 Ti to thoroughly clean each component,” added John Ryan, Director of Product Management. “The included disassembly tool makes maintenance fast and simple – using the tool, unscrew the end cap and slide the entire baffle stack out.”

The slim 1.1-inch tube clears the suppressor-height sights easily on the FN 502 Tactical and mounts securely to any platform via the 1/2×28-inch threads and is rated for rimfire firearms chambered in .22LR, .22 Mag, .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

• Caliber Rating: .22LR, .22 Mag, .22 WMR and .17 HMR.
• Overall Length: 5.25 inches
• Tube Diameter: 1.12 inches
• Weight: ≈5 ounces
• Mount: 1/2×28” TPI
• Included end cap/front cap assembly tool
• Titanium tube, high-heat stainless steel blast baffle, aircraft-grade aluminum baffle stack
• Available in Flat Dark Earth or Black HT Cerakote™
• Limited lifetime warranty

Get the FN 5.7 Firearms You’ve Been Waiting For

Get the FN 5.7 Firearms You’ve Been Waiting For

FN Offers Up to $175 Cash Back Rebate on Five-seveN MRD Pistols and PS90 Carbines

(September 6, 2023 – McLean, VA) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce new rebate offers on qualifying purchases of its 5.7x28mm-chambered firearms. Customers who purchase an FN Five-seveN MRD pistol during the promotional period are eligible to redeem their purchase for $125.00 cash back. Customers who purchase the FN PS90 carbine are eligible for $175.00 cash back. The promotion begins September 1 and ends October 31, 2023.

“As the FN 5.7x28mm popularity grows, further solidifying its foothold as a viable caliber for personal defense and more, we are excited for the opportunity to put an FN Five-seveN MRD pistol or PS90 carbine into the hands of users who may have wanted one for years or are brand new to the caliber,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “The rebate offers on these two mainstay FN products coming at the perfect time for enthusiasts to add to their collection and put a little extra cash in their pockets for ammunition, magazines and other accessories.”

The FN Five-seveN MRD redefines handgun accuracy with a factory-milled slide, accepting most miniature red dot optics, enhanced frame ergonomics and improved controls. The internal, single-action-only hammer produces a clean and consistent trigger pull that breaks at approximately 6 pounds, with minimal take-up and a short reset. Its 4.8-inch cold hammer-forged barrel, combined with the inherent benefits of the design and high velocity bottleneck cartridge, produces a flat-shooting pistol with extremely low felt-recoil. Users can stay on target with accuracy and precision at extended ranges, unmatched by any other semi-auto handguns.

The FN PS90 utilizes blowback operation and fires from a closed bolt for greater accuracy and reliability. The 16-inch cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel is equipped with an integrated muzzle brake to reduce the already negligible recoil generated from the 5.7 cartridge. Dual magazine latches, cocking handles and an innovative synthetic thumbhole stock with a molded-in sling attachment point help make the FN PS90 fully ambidextrous.

FN is the originator of the 5.7x28mm cartridge and the firearms that were chambered in that caliber. Developed in the 1980s by FN, the 5.7x28mm cartridge combines the benefits of a rifle cartridge – high velocity and exceptional accuracy – with the lightweight and compact size of a pistol cartridge and often outperforms conventional pistol calibers in those areas. Following its standardization by NATO in 2021, the caliber experienced a renaissance and is more popular than ever with new loads and chamberings being offered.


To qualify for these offers, purchases must be made between September 1 and October 31, 2023, and redeemed online by November 30, 2023. Click here to learn more about the FN Five-seveN Rebate and review the program’s full terms and conditions.