Whoever Said You Can’t Choose Your Family Was Wrong.

And when the time comes to choose, we humbly recommend choosing ours: The FN 509® family. A unique series of firearms that share a common purpose: defending what you value most.


Superior design, engineering, testing, performance and reliability enable the FN 509 family to require less maintenance and a lower cost of ownership compared to the competition.

Easy to Conceal. Hard to Beat.

Introducing the NEW FN 509® Compact, representing the next evolution in personal protection designed to meet the needs of today’s concealed carry users. The easily-concealable FN 509 Compact features low-profile, snag-free sights with a high visibility front sight; a hammer-forged 3.7 inch target-crowned barrel; a flat-faced, clean-breaking trigger; and included 12- and 15-round magazines, ensuring a discreet and high capacity choice for an everyday carry.

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With a unique grip angle that allows you to get higher on the gun, the FN 509 promises a more natural point of aim, superior ergonomics and lower recoil.


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