FN® FCU-850N / FN® FCU-1.5M

Available for military sales only.

Designed to enhance all 40mm LV and MV grenade launchers, the FN Fire Control Unit (FN® FCU) uses advanced electronics to simplify range finding and elevation corrections for the operator, even under severe combat conditions. The unit is an advanced sight design for use with any 40mm grenade launcher – stand-alone and under-barrel – and portable antitank weapon.

Military pricing on request.


  • Effective Range: 1,000m human target; 1,500m NATO target
  • Overall Size: 6.3"x3.5"x3"
  • Height: 2.5" above MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • Weight (FN® FCU-850N): 18.62 oz.
  • Weight (FN® FCU-1.5M): 20.11 oz.


Flashing reticle indicator allows correction for left/right weapon cant

Remotely mounted pressure switch with ruggedized cord connection port

Housing shape allows use of rifle’s optical and/or iron sights

Ballistic computer instantly calculates firing solutions and stores up to 50 different types

Built-in clinometers sense initial up/down sighting angle

Temperature sensor allows a correction in firing solution